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Productive Space Design Co.

The Project Management TRELLO System

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Welcome to your IDEAL project management tool and workflow system! If you are juggling multiple projects at once (whether it is for work, organizing your home, or managing your small business), this system will make a HUGE difference in your productivity ⭐️ 

Trello is one of my favorite productivity tools that is SO EASY to use and it is free to get started! You will not need to purchase anything additional to use this template. I will give you EVERYTHING you need to set yourself up for success and to crush your tasks.

--- What's included ---

  • A comprehensive TWO-PART system

1️⃣ High-level project management
2️⃣ Task breakdown of the project(s) you are working on

  • One set of columns to list out all of your project ideas as they come up, prioritize what project will be next, and space for the project(s) that you will be currently working on
  • A second set of columns to break down your projects into bite-sized tasks that you will assign deadlines to. #accountability
  • Instructions and guidelines that live in your INFO HUB as well as directions in every column to remind you of your workflow

BONUS features:

  • Calendar view for ALL of your task deadlines
  • The ability to STAR your high priority tasks
  • A column specifically for "Red Flags" to track all of your bottlenecks and what resources you need to get unstuck
  • The AMAZING feeling of dragging all of your completed tasks and projects over to the 'Completed' section :)

--- How to use ---

You will be receiving a PDF file with simple instructions on how to start using this template! Please email me at if you have ANY issues.

--- HEADS UP ---

This file is for personal use only. You may not forward, share, sell or distribute the file. It is for non-commercial use only. Productive Space Design Co. retains all rights. Due to the nature of this product there will be no refunds for purchases.